The BEE represents the simplest reminder to “be  nothing more than God  God created you to be.” In the busyness of our days, we must know we are never alone and God will not let us fail. We will soar if we allow Him to work through us in every way. So remember to pause and pray, “Let Me Be…”  Many people inquire about the “real” meaning of our bee logo. It is really a very simple message inspired by a long back story. The ultimate reminder we want the bee to offer others is to humbly, “Be nothing more than God created you to be.” In a world that demands so much of our time and attention causing us to continually reach for the golden carrot which remains outside our grasp, the bee reminds us to take a step back to recognize all we already have to offer.  Take a moment to simply say, “Let me be…” and know you don’t have to finish the sentence, just keep moving forward. It is not a message to under achieve, but rather to excel by understanding what is within.


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