Staff & Volunteer Reflection

Jesus said, “I am the Vine, you are the branches” (Jn 15:5). Quite often in our organizations, the demands of responsibilities can place our focus on details outside of who we are called to be in our ministry roles. We are the Branches is a two-part, three hour customized session focusing on the leadership traits of Christ, Scripture and the Catechism to:

Reignite your vocation • identify methods to work together • spend time in personal reflection.


"Our back to school staff retreat facilitated by Greg Wasinski was the best Retreat Day the St. Peter School staff has ever experienced. Greg prepared the staff spiritually for the busy start of the year. The entire teaching staff felt better able to face the challenges of the school year after attending Greg's retreat." ~ Becky Brown, Principal St. Peter School Lorain, OH




The team/staff will converse openly to gain confidence, serve humbly and work together with defined objectives including measurable goals.



Inside Out

Participants will be given pastoral leadership input with vision from a volunteer and staff perspective through the lens of proven management skills.




Follow up recommendations will be given to administrators to best help your team to continue to grow as a group.


How does the audience benefit from this training and reflection?

    PASTORAL LEADERSHIP & ADMINISTRATION – will be reminded of the "effective" leadership practices of Christ and how to effectively follow His example with all those we shepherd daily. Also, are we clearly identifying the needs of those who work for us, while making sure they are given the best chances for spiritual, personal and ministerial success?

      SUPPORT STAFF – will see the importance of looking beyond their own department to contribute to the overall success of the entire organization. Each member will be reminded of their day to day interactions with other staff and parishioners as a living example of the body of Christ. Using scripture and best practices for working together, offer a winning combination for a better work environment along with productive days of collaboration.

        MINISTRY LEADERS – will once again see themselves as leaders who are responsible for those who participate in the ministry they are entrusted to lead. Additionally, the practical tools offered during the presentation will assist in illustrating the need to work with staff and other ministries, while being open and inviting for all who may benefit from the ministry.

          VOLUNTEERS –will feel empowered to live as missionary disciples, confident they are making a difference and renewed in their roles to gain a clearer understanding of how they serve the wider church.


Sample Schedule

8:30 - Welcome & Prayer
8:45 - Session 1 Presentation
9:15 - Group Discussion
9:45 - Session 2 Presentation
10:15 - Personal Development Time
10:45 - Session 3 Presentation with Integrated Group Discussion
11:30 - Closing & Prayer

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"I felt renewed and drawn closer to Jesus, feeling a thirst to turn to Him more in all that I do. I also feel called to guide the students to recognizing and being responsible as a branch helping His kingdom grow and rejoicing in it." ~"We are the Branches" Participant