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Let Me Be… Ministries (LMBM Inc.), founded in 2009, is a non-profit, 501(c)3 ministry located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. With a vision to extend the message of faith beyond conventional houses of worship, the organization shares a message of hope through inspiration founded on the principles of Christian tradition.
At its inception, the ministry solely offered retreat opportunities, conference workshops and Catholic parish presentations. Over these last ten years we’ve expanded as a ministry beyond live events to best serve the church as an extension of her mission. Many of the people who need to be reached are not attending Mass. As a lay apostolate (non-ordained ministers) it gives us a unique connection to meet people where they are and inspire their faith, motivate them to return to church, or help the faithful grow deeper in their relationship with the Creator.
We are seeking the funding necessary to carry out our vision through creating initiatives in media to reach the widest audience possible, accessible every day, all day. Just like a physical church building we have many costs associated with our mission, including administration and the production of media we share.



Unconditionally is a practical journey through Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and our everyday interactions with Christ in the world, to help us focus on living the beauty of our Catholic faith together. This inter-generational event connects with attendees from middle school ages through older adults.



We're Not Broken... Just Unfinished

A live event for adults and young adults, “Restore” gives the audience a look at three different perspectives of how we view faith. The intended audience will be parent of children in religious education and parishioners or visitors who do not normally attend church events. Utilizing video screens and three separate areas of the stage, presenter, Greg Wasinski, gives insight on Church teaching, Stories of Faith, and Personal Testimony. By sharing a connection with each person no matter where they are on their faith journey, Greg opens the door for them to make necessary changes in their own lives while inspiring them to be what their family needs. In addition to the live presentation, attendees have access to a web-based library which gives them notes for the night, exclusive video content and links to continue to grow long after it’s over.




An evening presentation for men, “Lead Me” shares four different presenters in TED style talks to drive home specific points in a short and concise presentation. Each event also includes music and an emcee for the night. Currently this evening of faith and inspiration for men is offered in Cleveland, OH on the third Thursday of November at the Breen Center. The national model of this event would coincide with a six month point from their annual men’s conference. “Lead Me” is not denomination specific and is meant to share the message of faith with those who are just at the beginning of a relationship with God to those who attend weekly worship.


An evening presentation for women, “Courageous” shared four different presenters in TED style talks to drive home specific points in a short and concise presentation. Each event also includes music and an emcee for the night. It is currently being offered in Cleveland, OH on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at the Breen Center.




A series of reflections for couples based on the three virtues and their connection to the covenant of marriage. This encounter focuses on the connection and respect of a relationship regardless of stage, “Faith, Hope, Love, & Unity” gives those in attendance not only an understanding of virtue being presented on, but also an opportunity for interaction with each other to discuss what is necessary to grow together. Depending on the event host this encounter can be offered with a breakfast, snack, or dinner. This event will also be produced so it can be offered on the Internet in late 2019 or early 2020.


As a former business executive who navigated and managed work forces with up to sixty-five employees, Greg uses his experience to build strong ministry teams and staffs. As a national speaker, he has encountered great initiatives and strong staff focused parishes that integrate practical corporate tools into their staff settings. He also has seen the struggles which occur due to a lack of a clear vision among the staff. Combining all these factors together, his program Ministry Inc. focuses on the leadership traits of Jesus Christ, facilitating honest group conversations for personal and professional goals, as well as what procedures will help create an “all in” attitude for success. Programs are: We are the Branches Ministry Inc.




Carrie Ann Ford offers presentations for mothers, daughters and all women of all ages as she shares her faith journey from her teenage years to being a young adult missionary and now as a wife and mother of two teenagers. Journeying with mothers and daughters through daily life to find God in the midst of each season of life, exploring how each is Naturally, Unique, Truly, Spectacular (N.U.T.S.)


Working with the world’s young people is a gift LMBM and all of its presenters find joy in. From retreats, to workshops, to youth rallies, to specific faith formation development, all of our presenters are extremely seasoned to share an inspirational and educational message to youth and young adults alike. Whether you are a public high school wanting to re-focus your students on kindness and what is important, or if you are a church with specific needs relative to religion, we are confident we can contribute to your event in an extremely effective manner. A wide array of topics exist in the area, so PLEASE INQUIRE and we will go through what will work best for your gathering. PARTICIPANTS WILL: Acknowledge their Responsibility to the World Find Beauty in Simplicity Learn to be a Quality Peer Experience Team Building Exercises Grow Deeper in their Spirituality




With our program, “Earning Your Stripes” participants will learn to accept the day to day life challenges placed before them as something positive to help them grow into who they are called to be. This team building, personally motivating session for corporations and organizations will remind each person that adversities and setbacks help us to “earn our stripes” so we can reach our full potential. This program can be broken into full day team “workshops”, or offered as a keynote presentation for large group gatherings. Participants will experience: How to Gain Personal Strength Learn Ways to Effectively Manage Adversity Use Specific Skill-sets to be a Better Team Member Inspirational Messaging to Increase Productivity


Matt Fafrak is a Catholic retreat leader, music minister, and speaker from Cleveland, OH whose gifts blend to connect with audiences of all ages across the country. His passion for our faith drives him to create moments for others to connect with our Lord, helping fill their hearts from the emptiness that exists when distant from God. Using the perfect combination of high energy and prayerful moments, Matt’s creative, personable style invites those he ministers to into deeply profound spiritual experience. Matt offers: School Retreats: for grades K -12 with guided prayer and worship ending the day with an all school Mass. Inspiring students on how to live our faith out in the world, be confident in who they are and kind to others. Confirmation Retreats: for grades 8 – 11, with Matt’s personal Confirmation faith journey, guided mediation and Eucharistic Adoration.




Sharing faith as a family is essential it can not be done in separate groups, this program invites all family members come together for an evening of reflection and inspiration to build stronger families of faith. Offering a message of hope, building a stronger foundation of faith, and seeing God in our everyday interactions. Participants will experience: Real Life Stories Scripture and Catholic Catechism References Engaging Interactions Humor

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