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Unconditionally is a practical journey through Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and our every day interactions with Christ in the world, to help us focus on living the beauty of our Catholic faith together. This inter-generational mission connects with attendees from middle school through the senior community.


“During the three-evening mission, I was transported back to the times past, when I too had experienced God's healing touch in my own life. It was as if the Holy Spirit was reminding me (through Greg's words).” ~Fr. Sam Sturm, Pastor (Dayton, TN)


Night One

Our Call

Is focused on surrendering to your own unique gifts from God, which can change the world. We will also explore how our faith plays out in the real world. This light–hearted evening calls participants to recognize how they are called to be who God created them to be.

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Night Two

Our Relationship

This night sets a tone for the responsibility we share, not only to have faith by “title” but also to be in relationship with Christ through prayer. By walking with Him, we will hear His voice and recognize Him in others. No matter what we face, in the good and bad, we are never alone.


Night Three

Finding Jesus in the Eucharist

A presentation offered on the life of Christ and His fruits found in the Eucharist. This final evening will look at every attribute of Jesus we receive through the Eucharist, which fully binds us to our faith. The mission ends with Eucharistic Adoration, reflection, music, and prayer.

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What does each age group get out of the mission?

    MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL – gain an understanding that they are all responsible to more than themselves which calls them to be a living example of faith for our peers. We will discuss how to live as young disciples in the world, gain an understanding of our Catholic foundations and what our church community offers each of them.

      YOUNG ADULTS – will be met where they are on their faith journey with practical examples of how Christ is at work in their every-day living and a focus on renewing their faith as young adults, staying connected to church.

        PARENTS & ADULTS – find hope to understand Catholic teaching to encourage their own personal faith journey. The message assists them to journey alongside their children to build stronger families. By hearing the message as a family, the faith discussion can continue at home.

          SENIOR COMMUNITY – members find a deeper meaning of the role they play within the church during its changes. They will see the vocation they have lived with reminders of why we believe what we believe.


“I know others who have left the church & them seeing this presentation would help bring them back.” ~Mission Participant, Moscow, PA

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