ONLINE RESOURCES is unique to other online libraries related to faith because it allows the user to browse by “pain point” to see information as it specifically relates to their need. By using a collaboration of voices, genders, and professionals, we can connect in different ways and reach ALL people. With easy to use navigation the various media can be accessed with a single click and have access to product available for purchase or an entry point to begin the donation process.



Faith180 videos are a collaborative effort of different voices sharing video testimonials three minutes or less in length. Each segment is categorized within multiple areas that would relate to its message. These videos are not only available in the web site but are accessible on the host sites YouTube and Vimeo. Additionally, their length allows for easy posting and sharing on social media platforms. These videos can also be used in future development of platforms that will serve as follow up to live presentations.


So, Let Me Ask You

“So, Let Me Ask You…” is the anchor of the BEE TV online station of LMBM Inc. An interview-based show, it highlights discussions between host, Greg Wasinski, and celebrities about their conversion moments of faith. The interviews are coupled with live presentations by Greg Wasinski style messaging from a stage related to the subject matter discussed in the interview. Slated for twelve episodes annually, they range in twenty-five to thirty minutes. High production value will assist in goals of syndication.



A YouTube based channel that will house all the current and future video programming of LMBM Inc. Shows will be offered by various presenters and hosts. Seasonal video series for Lent and Advent will also be hosted within the channel.


Welcome to the Conversation

This podcast shares the talents of Radio Personality, Joe Cronauer, and Greg Wasinski. “Welcome to the Conversation” is a fifteen-minute podcast hosted on SoundCloud that features stories of faith and how we live what we believe in today’s busy lives. Each episode is a conversation which highlights the real journey we all share together and how to share in the conversations necessary to grow in our relationship with God. Podcast air twice a month


Truth Be Told

A Catholic specific podcast, this collaboration between Greg Wasinski and Mike Hasychak helps the faithful understand why they believe what they believe. Additionally, it connects those searching for faith to see Catholicism for its beauty and the way to ultimately surrender to Jesus Christ. This podcast takes church teaching, the Catechism and scriptural references to connect the dots of the truth found in Catholic Tradition. As a weekly offering, “Truth Be Told” will help listeners to feel more connected to the Sacraments of the faith and see the value to be involved with their church community.


Faith & Real Life Moments

Currently airing on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM Radio and EWTN affiliate, AM 1260 The Rock, “Faith and Real Life Moments” are one minute segments that invite a listener with a thought to ponder about how they are living their faith. By touching on a variety of subjects, it provokes a desire to think more deeply about what each of us can do to put what we believe on display.