About LMBM


“Let Me Be… Ministries” (LMBM Inc.) mission is to be the church by taking a message of hope through faith into the world to enrich personal growth, encourage fullness of life, and restore the value of family.


Focusing on “where faith and real life come together,” LMBM serves as an extension of the church by offering practical application of its teachings through live events, online resources, and media initiatives.


To inspire and restore all people to know God’s “plan to give them hope and a future.”

LMBM Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation offering inspirational experiences through faith and motivational means. Our initiatives are centered around ways to present each person the ability to find hope in the world by creating opportunities for individual human and spiritual growth. Through event coordination, inspirational presentations and educational sessions centered on finding the gifts each of us are called to use, we look to focus on the manners in which we are responsible to our world and one another.

“Let Me Be… Ministries was founded by Inspirational Speaker and Author, Greg Wasinski in 2009. He envisioned a team of quality professionals who’s specialized knowledge, varying backgrounds and genuine care for others would serve as a growth initiative to provide quality inspirational experiences. While some components of the organization focus on secular encouragement in order to build family, community and corporate team development, others are specifically faith based in specific areas of religion. LMBM is a collective organization taking the talents of many gifted individuals and sharing them in places where they are needed most to help others.

LMBM Inc. became a registered 501(c)3 corporation in 2012.