Encounter the Mass

Living our faith isn’t only reserved for what happens outside of church. Opening our hearts and minds while we’re present for liturgy on Sundays is just as important.

Yes, showing up at the church is step one, but being a real participant is the key element to encounter the mass.


Here’s a few ideas to experience the love of our Lord more deeply in worship:

  • Arrive early, spend time in personal prayer.
  • Listen to the words of all parts of the mass.
  • Apply scripture readings to your life situations.
  • Look around, see something new in your church
  • Don’t just receive the Eucharist, ask for Christ to change you.
  • Be aware of the needs of those around you.
  • Walk out with joy

Make the extra effort to let the liturgy fulfill you and remember, simply going to church is much different than being fully aware to encounter the mass.