Is Love Enough…?

Is Love Enough...?“Is love enough?” This is a question I have pondered so many times throughout my life with different situations and relationships. Time and time again, I come back to the same answer, “It has to be.” But how?

When we become lost, hurt or even scared, we begin to question things we know are truth. Whether it’s our belief in humanity, and even God, we can be shaken to a point where we push aside something we love out of fear.  I have to confess, in the darkest moments of our 19 year marriage, I wanted to concede sometimes love was not enough; even tempted to remove the band on my finger signifying our love and fidelity in order to send it flying across the room in anger (which I never actually did.) It was almost as if my own immaturity was trying to convince me if love was not enough, then I could just quit in the midst of crisis even though a fractured love existed… but nonetheless, it was still love.  Just like anyone who has been blessed to remain married for many years, Aimee and I have seen our share of adversities while in the desert of doubt, but it has been the recognition of love which pulled us through. A love that gives us the ability to push through when life has thrown everything it can our way, a love which gave us children, a love which is built on perseverance and a love which in some moments was all we had. On love alone, you find courage to allow yourself to be brought back to the center and be reminded of what you have been blessed with. I am grateful to have noticed in adversity of marriage, we made love enough.

From another angle, our relationship with faith can experience moments where the seas are raging, forcing us to question the love of what we believe. I see people all the time walking away from their faith (or considering it) when hard times strike and the Lord does not provide answers as quickly as they are desired. In some cases, individuals are hurt by the church in some form and cannot get past the institutions humanness despite their own love of the Lord; sadly, they will not allow His love to in return to be recognized. If we walk away from worship which fulfills us and brings us to community, are we not saying that the love God has for us is not enough? So, in their absence, we could surmise that love is not enough; but only if we are not looking around us and all the ways people are being brought back to church by those who love them and ultimately leading by an example of pure love. God so loved the world he gave His only son, but for us to walk away when we are hurt would be to imply that our hurts are much greater than the sins offered when “love” was sacrificed on the cross for us.

So if we can say, “Yes, love is enough,” then we come back to the question of “how?” Almost like a parent says to a child, I just want to say “because it is.” But I know that would not be good enough for you. We must start with the manner in which we define love to see it as a verb and not just a blending of joyous emotions. Our scriptures so beautifully bring to light the four aspects of what love offers (which is what every book about love is based on anyway whether we want to admit it or not.) “(Love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things (Cor. 13:7). Basically saying, LOVE WINS.  After all, love is what we hold on to when all else fails as we are all reminded of its encompassing properties in Corinthians. Love is truth, the source of life and the key element to everything. Without love, we are just a shell of human existence. Before we get too comfortable in those beautiful words of Corinthians 13:7, there are much more demanding words used to start the chapter. “If I speak in human and angelic tongues– but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal.And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing.” These powerful verses tell us that anything which does not come from love cannot be sustained; not what we hold dear, not our words, not our faith, not our inspiration, not even our own sacrifice.

We must remember always, love is to be shared and not harbored. In our times of despair, it might not be that we must look for love to receive, but rather a giving of love that is necessaryAnywhere love is described and around, through and through, side by side, love is the most essential thing we can hold on to when our word is falling down around us. However, it must be authentic love, the kind that is not spoken but one defined by actions. We must go into the battles of life believing and knowing that our greatest gift (love) surrounds us thorough our gestures, beliefs and preparation. So, when asking the question, “Is love enough?” The short answer has to be: not only is love in its truest form and truest actions enough, it is EVERYTHING. Fight on and bee blessed

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